Las Vegas Entertainment Company

Our mission…

is to provide our clients with the most astounding entertainment and production services possible, while maintaining the highest level of professionalism in the industry.

We’re a full-service production company that’s continually nurturing our talent and developing our skills to ensure that we’re always at the forefront of the entertainment services industry and that we’re consistently delivering the highest standard of artistic services.

Our experienced team and talented artists bring their passion and enthusiasm to every project that Dustree takes on, including feature-length films, music production, TV pilots, photography, media kits, theatrical productions, and cutting-edge live performances, in Las Vegas as well as internationally.

We take pride in having a reputation for being the best in the industry and, with each new client and project, we look at it as a chance for us to once again raise the bar.

“We believe both honor and innovation are keys to success, and we will continue to pave the way forward.”
– Jason Tanzer, Founder and C.E.O. of Dustree Productions


For as long as Jason Tanzer can remember, he dreamed of becoming an artist. Not one to be pigeonholed into any one category of the entertainment industry, the Los Angeles native immersed himself in “the biz”—exploring, studying, and mastering as many different facets of the industry as he could. As a result, he has turned that childhood dream into an impressive and highly respected career as a professional musician, songwriter, author, and prolific entertainment producer. His production credits include countless records, films, television pilots, live theatrical productions, and concerts.

Currently living and working in Las Vegas, Tanzer is also the founder and C.E.O. of Dustree Productions Inc., a full-service production company and record label that has set the standard for successfully producing in many different mediums, in Las Vegas as well as internationally.

Over the years, Tanzer has worked with such diverse artists as Clockwise (RCA 2001), Franky Perez (Lava 2003), Industry (2004), NBC’s Nashville Star finalists Third Town (2008), The Objex (Crownn Recording Group), OK! TV star Jaymes Vaughan, Chippendales stars Jaymes & James from CBS, The Amazing Race Season 21 (2013), Sham Lewis from American Idol Season 9, Maren Wade from NBC’s America’s Got Talent, Star Tomorrow, and FOX’s Thirty Seconds to Fame (2014).

Tanzer has also lent his talents to the independent films: Bouncing Vegas, The Street Sweeper, and Creep. He created the reality show Babysitting the Bands (which is currently under consideration), and authored the book Start a Successful Cover Band, released in 2015.

As a record producer, Tanzer is equally eclectic, and he has been responsible for placing numerous tracks on iTunes’ Dance, Rock, Pop, Soul, Funk, Hip-Hop, and R&B charts over the years. In the last three years alone, Tanzer has written, produced, and performed on numerous singles including “Tonight”*, “Light Up The Skies”* , “#SEXTING”, “Easy Love”, “’Round The World”*, “Last Word”*, “The Last Goodbye”*, “All Night”*, “I Want Your Lovin”*, “Woman”*, “Not Giving Up”*, “Shoo-Bop (Bitch)”*, “A Boy Like You”*, “Heartbreak“*, “That’s Ok“*, “Dangerous*” and “In The Dark*”.

(* indicates songs mixed by Juno award winner Dan Brodbeck, 2010’s Recording Engineer of the Year for his work on the songs Apple of My Eye and Be Careful,  from Dolores O’Riordan’s album No Baggage.)

A sought-after live theatrical producer as well, Jason Tanzer has been developing the world-premieres of several stage productions including HIP HOPera – The Musical, Confessions of a Showgirl (created by Maren Wade and the writer/producer of the hit sitcom Roseanne, Stevie Ray Fromstein), and Wouldn’t it Be Good (created by Broadway star, Douglas Crawford).

Most recently, Tanzer was named Creative Director and Producer of Pawn it or Keep it – Live, a full-scale touring production game show he created featuring Les and Seth Gold, stars of Tru TV’s hit reality show, Hardcore Pawn.

It’s not just the sheer body of Jason Tanzer’s resume that’s most impressive, but rather the care and professionalism that has gone into his work. That’s what distinguishes him from so many others in the entertainment industry.

A self-proclaimed perfectionist, Tanzer prides himself on his work ethic and works tirelessly and carefully to develop and maximize the potential of each artist and every project he takes on. It’s no wonder he has created a name for himself and earned the respect of so many industry professionals.

Tanzer has continued to be a driving force in the often fickle worlds of music, stage, and screen. In fact, just recently he was awarded the distinction of being named one of “Las Vegas’ Top 100 Men of the Year” by MYVEGAS Magazine (2015).

All things considered, it’s clear that the boy from Los Angeles has realized his dream of becoming an artist, and there’s every reason to believe that Jason Tanzer is just getting started.