Las Vegas Entertainment

Dustree Productions prides itself…

on consistently creating, producing, and presenting the very best in live entertainment, in Las Vegas and internationally. Dustree carefully hand-selects each and every artist on their roster to ensure that they represent the best of the best in their respective genres.

By combining premiere talent with the highest standards of industry professionalism, performance, and production, Dustree’s live productions are nothing short of world class.

Dustree has continually raised the bar for live entertainment by consistently presenting dynamic shows to enthrall a wide variety of audiences. From rock, pop, country, dance, Broadway, ultra-lounge, headliners, to tribute bands, Dustree thrives on delivering the most diverse and exciting live entertainment to the stages of Las Vegas and around the world.

“We identify and are attuned to both trends and voids in the marketplace, and succeed in reinventing the wheel each time, with each genre. Combined with the best performers around, we’ve been very successful as an entertainment firm.” – Jason Tanzer