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Our mission…

is to constantly reimagine what’s possible, hip and fun, and to be invested in the quality of everyone’s tomorrow while doing it.

For as long as he can remember…

Jason Tanzer has always dreamed of becoming an artist. Not one to be pigeonholed into any singular category of the entertainment industry, the Los Angeles native instead fully immersed himself in exploring, studying and mastering as many different facets of the industry as he could. As a result, he has turned that childhood dream into an impressive and highly respected career as a professional musician, songwriter, author, and prolific entertainment producer. Currently living and working in Las Vegas, Nevada, Tanzer is the founder and CEO of Dustree Productions Inc., a full-service production company and record label that has redefined the business model connecting live performance, musical artists and equitable payment.

“From a barstool idea to a corporation, my passion for the arts is what’s always inspired me. I live to nurture, develop, and maximize the potential of each artist I work with, and every project I take on.” – Jason Tanzer