Catfish - Las Vegas Musical

“Justin” Jonah Hill-type. 25-30, witty, funny portraying himself as a “Hugh Jackman-type” online. Works as a well-known published writer (yet to be revealed, a Fortune Cookie writer)
“Mylie” Zooey Deschanel-type. 25-30, sexy, smart, approachable. Works as a Dolphin Trainer at the Mirage
“Emoticons” Neurotic gender specific triplets meets talking Bluemen. They are Shakespearean theatrical GOLD…the Genie(s) in Aladdin’s Lamp. 30-40. 3 Male, 3 Female singing/dancing human performers each representing their leads feelings on stage. They are the entire musical and comedic relief to the show
“The Web Master” The Wizard of Oz meets Willy Wonka. 40-50. A steampunk snake oil salesman with a Creole accent
“Main Frame” A giant (center stage) projection screen as seen through a laptop

Set List:
“Who Are You”
“Sympathy For The Devil”
“Bring Me To Life”
“Oops, I Did It Again” over “Mr. Telephone Man”
“867-5309” over “Ring My Bell”
“A Little Less Conversation” over ” I Want It That Way”
“In Your Eyes” over “Hello”
“Major Tom” over “Hey You”
Walkin On Sunshine” over “Just What I Needed”
“Tainted Love” over “Call Me”
“Feeling Good” over “Iris”
“Toxic” over ” Live And Let Die”
“Don’t You Want Me Baby” over “I Want You To Want Me”
“In The Air Tonight” over “Safety Dance
“Another Brick In The Wall” over “Stayin Alive”
“Enter Sandman” over “Highway To The Danger Zone”
“Dick In A Box” over “My Heart Will Go On”
“Final Countdown” over “Eye Of The Tiger”
“I’m a Believer” over “Suspicious Minds”
“Feel So Close” over “We Found Love”

Written and Produced by Jason Tanzer and Tommy La Verdi